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    EDUCATION — dog supplements for dry skin

    17 Common Skin Issues In Dogs

    common skin issues in dogs
    Don’t let skin issues get in the way of you and your dog bonding! Intense scratching for prolonged periods can exacerbate skin issues and undermine the health of your dog’s skin and shiny coat.

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    What are Hot Spots in Dogs?

    Hot Spots in Dogs
    There’s nothing worse than seeing your canine friend suffering. When it comes to your furry friend you do everything you can to ensure they’re healthy and happy.

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    How to Find the Best Skin and Coat Supplement for Dogs

    Skin and Coat Supplement for Dogs
    One of the best parts of snuggling with a dog is rubbing your face into its soft coat. Breeds such as a Yorkie or a Saluki have beautiful coats when well taken care of. But what do you do if your dog can’t stop itching or if its coat is dull and rough?

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