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    Education — Hip & Joint Supplements

    Which Hip & Joint Supplements Are Best for Your Aging Dog

     Hip & Joint Supplements for Dogs

    For many people, dogs are part of the family. We all love our pets and all the fun and good times that come along with having a furry friend in the house. Playing fetch at the park, running at the beach, jumping on the bed to snuggle - these are some of the highlights of your dog’s life! 

    It’s heartbreaking when they begin to reach an age where those things cause them pain or discomfort. As your dog’s owner, its natural for you to want to find the best supplements you can to relieve their hip and joint pain. 

    With many options available for hip and joint supplements for dogs, it is important to know what the best products available are, and how they can help an aging dog.


    Help Maintain Joint Flexibility 

    Hip and joint supplements support the growth of cartilage in your dog’s joints. You can also head off and prevent further degeneration of the joint cartilage by offering your dog the best supplements early on, at the first sign of aging issues. 


    Alleviates Aches and Discomfort Associated with Daily Exercise

    All that running, jumping, playing and fetching gets tiring on a dog, especially when they start to get older. Keeping your dog active even as they age is still incredibly important to their overall health. By giving your dog hip and joint supplements you can alleviate the pain they may start to feel from daily activities as they age. 


    Improve Well-Being and Cartilage Production in Aging Dogs

    The best supplements for hips and joints should be packed full of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). The glucosamine might help promote the production of collagen in cartilage, which prevents deterioration of the joints. When paired with chondroitin, which fights off the cells that destroy cartilage, these two elements work hard to keep your aging dogs joints feeling young. 

    MSM is a supplement ingredient that is a form of sulphur that can relieve pain from arthritis and joint pain. Finding a supplement that combines all of these ingredients to form a supplement for your dogs hip and joint pain is not impossible. 

    VetGen Pharmaceuticals Maximum hip and joint supplements for dogs provide relief of pressure, pain and discomfort that can come along with the side effects of dogs aging. Our supplements are intended to fight muscle inflammation, bone loss and arthritis. 

    Your furry family member will appreciate your care and investment in the best hip and joint supplements available for your dog. All of our ingredients are sourced, produced and manufactured in the USA at an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility.