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    Education — Hip & Joint Supplements

    15 Bone Diseases in Dogs You Should Know About

    15 Bone Diseases in Dogs You Should Know About
    The causes of bone diseases in dogs include poor nutrition, infections, tumors, and trauma. An in-depth understanding of the signs of bone disease can help you detect and treat any disorders early enough to protect your pal’s health, mobility, and happiness. 

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    Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis (IMPA) in Dogs - How to Help Your Dog with IMPA

    (IMPA) in Dogs - How to Help Your Dog with IMPA
    Immune-mediated polyarthritis is one of the three most common forms of canine arthritis; the other two being septic arthritis and osteoarthritis (OA) or degenerative joint disease (DJD). The Arthritis Foundation notes that a fifth of all pets in the USA have been diagnosed with some variation of arthritis. It also notes that dogs older than seven years have a 65 percent likelihood of developing arthritis.

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    Which Hip & Joint Supplements Are Best for Your Aging Dog

     Hip & Joint Supplements for Dogs

    For many people, dogs are part of the family. We all love our pets and all the fun and good times that come along with having a furry friend in the house. Playing fetch at the park, running at the beach, jumping on the bed to snuggle - these are some of the highlights of your dog’s life! 

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