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    EDUCATION — tips to keep your dog healthy

    Is Your Dog Limping?

    Is your dog limping
    No matter how old your dog is, seeing it in pain is going to be painful for you. Finding the cause and taking care of it can be the difference. 

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    Understanding Common Skin Allergies in Dogs

    Common Skin Allergies in Dogs

    Understanding the common issues that can arise in your dog might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of resources, tools and supplements that you can use to keep your dog healthy. Having a healthy dog is very rewarding, for you and the dog, and also saves you money on vet bills.

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    Your Dog Doesn’t Have to Stay in Pain Due to Joint Issues

    Your Dog Doesn’t Have to Stay in Pain  Due to Joint Issues

    We love our furry companions because they join us on adventures, on the road and on the couch. So, it’s natural to be concerned when you notice that your four-legged friend might be slowing down. Here’s the thing: slowing down and less activity than normal is not a “necessary” side effect of your dog getting older. There are ways to prevent hip and joint issues in your dog and here we talk about it. 

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