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The Importance of Hip & Joint - Supplement for Dogs

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Osteoporosis In Dogs- All You Need To Know

Osteoporosis In Dogs: All You Need To Know 

Osteoporosis in dogs is not just a disease millions of people worldwide suffer from, but also something dogs can get. Osteoporosis is a serious disorder in canines, so it is important that you are able to recognize the symptoms and know what courses of action you should take on how to treat your pet.

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Dog Car Sickness - All You Need To Know

Dog Car Sickness: All You Need To Know

For dog owners, dog car sickness can be a stressful challenge that takes away the pleasure of a simple car ride. Puppies and young dogs suffer from it most often, emerging from symptoms like drooling, vomiting, and restlessness, and typically arises from motion-induced balance and anxiety issues.

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Dog Diarrhea- Causes, Treatment And When To See A Vet

Dog Diarrhea: Causes, Treatment And When To See A Vet

Dog diarrhea is one of the most common issues people like us pet owners face. It can be anything from food poisoning to contagious diseases. A weak bowel can also be a cause of loose stool. However, if the symptom is chronic and the dog is lethargic, it is better to see a vet.

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B_The Best Meat Based Diet Food For Dogs

The Best Meat-Based Diet Food For Dogs

Protein is very important for your dog’s body to repair muscles and tissues. But where can your dog get the most protein? The answer is meat. But it can be overwhelming to choose the best meat for dogs because there are so many options available in the market. Well, we have some good options to create a balanced best meat-based diet for your dog.

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Degenerative Myelopathy In Dogs- A Detailed Study

Degenerative Myelopathy In Dogs: A Detailed Study

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) in dogs is a disease that affects the spinal cord of older dogs. It gradually leads to a loss of mobility and, eventually, paralysis. An article by the National Institutes of Health highlighted the case of a 9-year-old German Shepherd diagnosed with this condition.

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About Us

With 20-years combined experience, the pharmacists behind VetGen Pharmaceuticals deliver exactly what your dogs need to prevent the development of degenerative conditions or tend to existing symptoms.

We love your dogs like you do, and we know that they are not just pets, but rather a part of your family.

Our mission is to dramatically enhance the quality of your dogs’ lives so they may maintain an active lifestyle for years to come.

Natural supplements from VetGen Pharmaceuticals offer exceptional solutions to your dogs’ health concerns that may slow your dogs down and cause fatigue or discomfort.

Our product lineup focuses on relieving hip and joint pain and supporting healthy skin and coats despite age or ailments.

Each product is made with the only the best ingredients that are sourced, produced, and manufactured in the USA at an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility.






Happy customers who love the results their dogs received trying VetGen!

Julie C. and Her Golden Retriever Shiloh
Skin & Coat - Verified Buyer
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"VetGen has become a staple in our household. Our Golden Retriever suffers from occasional follicular dermatitis and other food allergies so we were looking for a solution to a healthier coat. After trying several other supplements online, our Vet recommended VetGen. Not only does our dog take them as a treat, but within a few weeks we noticed a big difference in her coat. It's soft and shiny and NO dermatitis outbreaks. Thanks VetGen"!
Rich H. and His Lab Duke
Skin & Coat - Verified Buyer
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"My lab mix was scratching and shedding like crazy. I can't afford to do any crazy treatments that the vet recommended so I tried VetGen instead. It took a few weeks but he is scratching much less and I don't need to vacuum 2 times a day"!
Chris. and Hir Golden Retriever Shiloh
Hip & Joint - Verified Buyer
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"After about a week, her limp stopped. It’s been close to 4 months and she’s still using the supplement, it works and she loves them”
Hip & Joint - Verified Buyer
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"When I found out about VetGen Pharmaceuticals I took the jump and bought the bottle and I have yet to see my dog spit up and dosage. He loves VetGen Hip & Joint and eats them like a treat”
My dogs love the beef flavored supplement. They beg for it like a treat during the day! The itching and shedding has dramatically decreased! I am so happy I found this product.
- Jessica Mia Pulido
"He loves the beef flavor and is already getting his strength back! It took a couple of months, but now he runs and plays even harder"
- Rachel about her dog Tiago
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