About us

Who We Are

VetGen began with a strong pharmaceutical background. After spending over 20 years creating custom prescription compounds for pets of all breeds, shapes, and sizes in South Florida, our team identified a demand for mass-market pet supplements that contained high-quality ingredients in their proper dosages. Throughout our market research, we discovered many manufacturers were defrauding customers with “proprietary blends” (allowing them to avoid disclosing the dosages of individual ingredients), adding in unnecessary ingredients that have no benefit to pets, and a laundry list of other issues!


Our Impact

While developing our own pet supplements, our team read through hundreds of studies on a variety of ingredients. With all of this information, we decided to write articles/blogs to have a base for all of this valuable content to live. Little did we know that publishing these blogs would soon establish us as the go-to source for information on pets, pet illnesses and issues, and pet supplements!

Mission & Promise

Our mission to enhance the quality of pet’s lives so they can have longer, happier, and healthier lives remained the same – the only difference was we could now help pets AND their owners with valuable information! Even better, the internet allows us to distribute this content on a massive scale and help pets and their owners for FREE!


[left, Austin and Rocky] [middle, Anjalee and Thalia] [right, Nick and Finn]  

Our Story


With over 20 years of combined experience, the pharmacists behind our top-quality products believe that your dogs are valued family members who deserve optimal care and attention. Their health and comfort is our number one priority as we develop products that provide critical relief in cases of muscle inflammation, arthritis, cartilage or bone loss, and other conditions that affect your dog’s quality of life.  


Our products are made in the US at certified facilities with only the best ingredients and are held to the highest quality standards during testing. They specifically target problem areas that contribute to health problems affecting a dog’s hip, joint, skin, and coat. We want to dramatically enhance your dog’s mobility, reduce episodes of fatigue, and slow the overall signs of aging.  


At VetGen Pharmaceuticals, we also believe that loving pet owners deserve peace of mind knowing they are doing everything they can to keep their dogs happy and healthy. It is our goal to consistently deliver quality products that will help dogs achieve enduring health and a comfortable style of living.