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    How to Find the Best Skin and Coat Supplement for Dogs

    Skin and Coat Supplement for Dogs
    One of the best parts of snuggling with a dog is rubbing your face into its soft coat. Breeds such as a Yorkie or a Saluki have beautiful coats when well taken care of. But what do you do if your dog can’t stop itching or if its coat is dull and rough?

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    How to Make Sure Your Dog Stays Cool This Summer!

    How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer

    Many places around the world have experienced hotter than usual temperatures this summer. As much as this affects you, your dog is probably affected even more because they can’t sweat. Dogs primarily cool themselves by panting, which isn’t as efficient as sweating.

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    What NOT To Feed Your Dog

    what you shouldn't feed your dog

    The world today is all about less waste. With that in mind, it can be tempting to give your dog your food scraps or trimmings. After all, they’d surely love the new, delicious treat. Unfortunately, many human food items are a big no-no for your dog. 

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