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Do Golden Retrievers Shed? All About Golden Retriever Shedding

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Known for their beauty and lively nature, Golden retrievers are among the world’s most popular breeds of dogs. It is difficult to ignore their friendly and energetic behavior, which is why many people take them as their preferred pets.

What most people are usually unprepared for, however, is how much fur do golden retrievers shed regularly. Shedding takes most new owners by surprise, but it is not impossible to manage.

Everything from coat thickness to skin dryness can be the cause. Here you will find a solution that best fits your golden retriever, from regular grooming techniques to the best dog supplement for dry skin!

Understanding Golden Retriever Fur Coats

While a few different types of golden retrievers exist, their most common similarity is their lustrous fur. 

The double-layered coat serves the dual function of keeping the animal cool in the hot summer and warm when winter rolls around. One layer is short and much closer to the body. The second layer is much longer and wavy and is what many people associate with the breed’s beauty. Together, these layers make for the perfect protective block against any type of weather.

Double-layered coats are normal in working dog breeds. These are dogs that are traditionally bred for their strength and intelligence, making them effective service and protection dogs.

Understandably, you will often find golden retrievers utilized in hunting, tracking and rescue services.

Understanding Golden Retriever Fur Coats

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

The unfortunate but natural side effect of a golden retriever’s moderately thick double-layered coat of fur is that it sheds constantly. 

Retriever owners always deal with cleaning fur left on clothes, furniture, carpets and other surfaces around the home. It gets worse every spring and fall season when it is time for the dog to shed. This is when they either shed their previously heavy winter coats to prepare for hot summer weather or shed their warm-weather coat to allow a thick pelt to return for the colder season. 

It is a normal part of their fur and skin health routine where they get rid of old and damaged fur. For unprepared owners, however, it is a nightmare that persists for three weeks at a time.

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed

How to Care for a Shedding Golden Retriever?

While shedding is inescapable in golden retrievers, the great news is that it is manageable. Here are a few things you could do to not be overwhelmed by your pet’s regular shedding.

Brush Regularly

If you don’t have one already, get a brush and make a habit of constantly brushing your golden retriever’s fur. Brush the coat every day during its shedding season, and every few days after when the shedding is less heavy.

The act of brushing pulls any excess hair from the coat that was bound to shed sooner or later. That fur is caught on the brush surface instead, preventing spreading all over surfaces where it would be harder to remove.

Brush Golden Retrievers Regularly

Clean Your Golden Retriever

Every few weeks, make it a point to give your retriever a proper bath. Find a good, gentle shampoo that helps to keep the skin underneath the fur well moisturized without removing any of the natural oils. A dog with healthy skin has less dander, dryness and even less shedding if it gets regular baths.

Clean Your Golden Retriever

Watch What Your Golden Retriever Eats

A proper diet is the cornerstone of a healthy body and a healthy coat of fur. When a dog has a poor diet, one of the most obvious signs shows in its dull pelt.

Golden retrievers are also among the dog breeds that are more likely to develop hip dysplasia, a bone and joint condition that worsens with poor nutrition. It involves a weakness in the joints that shows as limping, stumbling and lack of activity.

Keep your pet healthy by regularly feeding them a diet of foods with healthy fats. For hip dysplasia, you can include bone and joint supplements for dogs that are easy to integrate with your pet’s meals. A healthy dog is a happy dog!

Other Causes of Golden Retriever Shedding

It is an inescapable fact that your golden retriever will naturally shed fur. Some situations could result in abnormal fur loss, and understanding them could mean a happy pet and less stress for you.


In cases of stress, golden retrievers will experience a surge in the hormone epinephrine, more commonly known as adrenaline. It prepares the dog for a “fight or flight” situation, where it acts on its survival instincts.

A side effect of the release of epinephrine is the loss of fur. Keep your golden retriever in an environment that doesn’t stress them out, and you will see a noticeable reduction in how much they shed.


Fleas, Mites, Rabies and ticks are just some of the parasites that commonly find their way into a dog’s fur. They are very irritating for the dog, causing itches that they can’t help but regularly scratch.

Excessive scratching releases more fur, and the dog ends up shedding even more than normal. Regularly clean your pet, and keep your environment as parasite-free as possible. This may involve using pesticides to keep them away but talk to a professional first before taking these steps.

Skin Infection

Skin infection on a golden retriever is dangerous and will require immediate attention. Skin infections are immediately noticeable through the coat, and they can cause a worrying amount of shedding. While the causes of infection may vary, some of the more common effects on the skin will include dryness.

Take your retriever to a vet immediately if you notice that they are shedding far more than you feel they should. They will prescribe medication for the cause of infection, and recommend the best dog supplement for dry skin to help improve their skin and coat.


A golden retriever is most certainly a shedder, but if you are prepared, they are very manageable. Take steps to combat the shedding yourself, and your life with your best friend will be even happier.