In-house Exercises For Your Dogs During The Lockdown

In-house Exercises For Your Dogs During The Lockdown

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If there is one thing the recent lockdown has proven, it is that there is so much that can be done from home.

From athletes and bodybuilders to business professionals, inventive people have been finding new ways to get the best out of the lockdown, whether it is by training or working from home.

Since these professionals can make lemonade from the awful lemons this pandemic has handed us all, so can you as a dog lover.

The Beauty In This Tragedy

While the sudden worldwide lockdown did come with quite the downside, with even more repercussions yet unseen, some good still came out of this tragedy ─ you now truly have all the time in the world.

As a dog lover, this is something you can take advantage of.

Being stuck at home now, with basically nowhere to go, you can now spend that much needed time with your furry friends and give them the much-needed attention your otherwise busy life might have deprived them of.

There is a catch to it, though. With you being stuck at home, how can you get your dogs to have fun?

Is this even possible when you can not even take them out for a simple walk around the neighborhood?

If questions like the ones above are going through your mind, you are not alone.

Millions of other dog lovers around the world are struggling with similar questions as we speak—no need to fret, though. We are here.

Below are 5 in-house games and exercises you can perform with your dogs during this lockdown.

5 In-house Games And Exercises You Can Perform With Your Dogs


When it comes to exercises, you can perform with your dogs; even in confined spaces, Doga has to be one of the top mentions.

To put it simply, Doga is basically yoga with dogs ─ dog yoga if you will.

The term dog yoga can be a bit misleading, though, since Doga isn’t just yoga for your dogs, it is yoga for you AND your dogs.

And while your dogs wouldn’t really be doing yoga themselves, you might be surprised what poses they might learn.

Doga exercises are pretty simple to learn, and seeing as they need only minimal space, they are perfect exercises for you and your dogs during this lockdown.

And since you need little to no equipment either, these exercises are even better.

Moreover, just like yoga, Doga isn’t just fun to do; it also comes with loads of benefits.

Apart from enjoying the common health benefits attributed to yoga (and having your dogs enjoy these benefits too), Doga has also been known to improve the bonds between dogs and their owners.


This might come as a surprise to lots of you out there, but you really don’t need a lot of space to play catch with your dogs.

While large spaces make the Catch a lot more fun and adventurous, there is no law that says this game can not be played in confined spaces at well.

Many dog lovers have even found ways of turning this handicap into something really fun, both of their dogs and themselves.

From playing catch with couches and beds between you and the dogs to playing group catch (with several dogs trying to catch the same ball or frisbee), to even playing pool catch, you might be surprised how much fun you and your dogs would be having even in a confined space.


This is definitely one exercise you need to perform with your dog/dogs during this lockdown, especially if you do not have a lot of space to spare.

Tug-of-war is one game you can play with your dogs anywhere so much so that you really need next to no space for this.

You could even play this game with your dogs on your bed! You also need next to no equipment for this; an old towel, a sturdy rope, anything like that would do.

And you know the best part? Dogs really love it, and so do people!

Play Hunt

If there is one thing dogs love doing, it’s hunting. This is one thing you can turn to your advantage.

Play hunting is a game that has been played by several dog owners and their dogs for several centuries.

Having also been played by dog lovers from different cultures, there are several variations of this game.

Regardless of the variation of the came, though, the basic concept of the game remains the same ─ trigger your dog’s natural instinct to hunt.

Whether you decide to achieve this by running around with treat and making your dogs give chase, or you play doggy hide-and-seek, you’re sure to come to find your dogs and even yourself enjoying this exercise.

Thankfully, you don’t need a lot of space for this game.

Whether it is in the yard, in the garden, or even indoors, there’s still a lot of fun to be had with this game.


If there is something dogs love more than hunting, it has to be chasing things.

Think that’s untrue? Try running from a dog and see what happens…

A quick tip: it’d most likely chase you. Well, if it is true dogs love chasing things, why not take advantage of that?

Start a race with your dogs to get them exercised.

All you need do is urge them to follow you as you start running, and before you know it, they’d be chasing you with so much enthusiasm, you wouldn’t even need to cajole them.

So there you have it, the five exercises you can perform with your dogs indoors during this pandemic.

While the lockdown might have kept you away from work, friends, and maybe even family, it doesn’t have to keep you away from your furry friends as well.

Since you have the time and you have the dog, large spaces aren’t a requirement.

So what are you waiting for?! God knows you, and those dogs probably already need all the entertainment you can possibly get.