Maximum Hip & Joint – Beef Flavored Glucosamine Supplement for Dogs


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Proven Benefits:

  • Helps Maintain Joint Flexibility
  • Great Tasting Chewable Tablet
  • Alleviates Aches and Discomfort Associated with Daily Exercise
  • Packed full of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM

Our glucosamine-based Maximum Hip & Joint Supplements for Dogs

Can provide extraordinary relief of pressure, pain, and discomfort that is commonly associated with muscle inflammation, bone loss, and arthritis.

Active Main Ingredients:

  • Glucosamine Hydrochloride
  • Chondroitin Sulfate
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
  • Manganese (as Manganese Amino Acid Chelate)

Each product is made with only the best ingredients that are sourced, produced, and manufactured in the USA at an FDA Registered and GMP Certified Facility.

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Arthritis and inflammation are common conditions that negatively affect hips and joints.

As we age, both humans and dogs may experience related pressure, discomfort, and pain.

Our triple-action Hips & Joint Supplement for Dogs was developed to enhance your dog’s overall quality of life.

The all-natural supplements provide critical support and pain relief for your dog.

It improves their mobility and flexibility in day-to-day activities.


It’s important to focus on the joints when treating your dog’s degenerative health conditions.

For fully functional and healthy joints and hips, supplements and vitamins may be necessary.

Our Hips & Joint Supplements for Dogs will quickly restore your dog’s active and healthy lifestyle.

In treating joint pain, our products help improve overall quality of life for your dog and your entire family.



We develop our life-changing products using key ingredients that include extra-strength Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin, and Manganese.

Your dogs of all sizes will love our delicious, chewable tablets that taste like beef.

They are easily digestible and gentle on your dog’s stomach.

Our products are made in an FDA-approved facility and made in the USA.

Active Ingredients


Proven to be very effective in fighting arthritis, disc degeneration, and hip dysplasia in dogs.
  • Preventative treatment for many joint conditions
  • Effectively fights arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Attacks disc degeneration and hip dysplasia


MSM is a safe and effective agent which helps maintain cell membrane permeability and regeneration.
  • Promotes flexibility and healthy cartilage
  • Lubricates joints to promote normal range of motion


Chondroitin sulfate is an important structural component of cartilage and provides much of its resistance to compression. Along with glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate has become a widely used treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs. 
  • Gives cartilage elasticity and strength
  • Must-have ingredient to compliment glucosamine


Combined with other minerals, assists in the formation of a healthy skeletal structure. It also aids in the optimum functioning of your dog’s internal organs!
  • Promotes good organ Health
  • Helps optimize liver and kidney functions
  • Promotes overall good health in your dog

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VetGen Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to developing natural supplements that enable long-term health for your dogs. We love your dogs too, so we are committed to preventing and treating degenerative conditions that inhibit your dog’s playful, active lifestyle.

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